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The BIG FIVE Business Frustrations

  1. Lack of Control
    1. Do you find yourself feeling out of control of your time, are you bouncing from fire to fire with the same things happening over and over again?
    2. Is your industry and / or market ahead of you in terms of vision, tools, and processes?
    3. Do you feel you have control over every aspect of your company?
    4. Instead of controlling your business flow is the business controlling you?

At Pacific Northwest Managed IT Services (PNWMITS) we get it, we have been there. With over 70 years of combined IT experience and 30+ years of small business ownership, we have made most of the mistakes and seen a lot of successes. 

There are very specific tools and processes that we can help you to put in place that will give you better control and direction. We will start with a free overview of our approach and some analysis. If you want to press forward at that time, we will outline time frames and tasks to get you going. 


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  1. People
    1. Has the frustration meter pegged with employees, how about customers?
    2. How is it going with your partners and your home life? 
    3. Does it feel like no one gets it, no one is listening, no one understands you and no one is following through on actions?

People are your most expensive, most important, and least predictable part of your business. Pacific North West Managed IT Services has the business experience to help connect your business, resources, cultures, and philosophies to resolve issues both human and otherwise once and for all.  We know this sounds to good to be true, but it really is not. PNWMITS, will help put a roadmap, direction, measurements, and other tools that if used, will end much of the frustration you currently have. If at anytime you feel like its not working, you do not pay for any additional help. You really have nothing to lose, except your mind.


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  1. Profit
    1. Ouch, did we touch a nerve with this one? 
    2. Does it seem you sell everything on price and that your customers leave you for a dime difference?
    3. What was the return on investment of your last marketing and sales campaign?
    4. Are sales targets more of a wish than a win?

Yep, been there, done that, got the T-shirt. With more than 30 years of business ownership, sales and marketing experience, business analysis and lots of education. Pacific North West managed IT Services can show you how to put in place a Sales and Marketing plan and format that will change your outcomes forever. We come with former business ownership experience, former sales management, and marketing backgrounds and with your input, can establish a plan and processes that fit your company and operate the way your company and culture do. If we can’t you won’t pay for the time, we spent consulting with you. What do you have to lose, may be some more profit?


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  1. The Ceiling
    1. What happened to the good old days when your business grew at double digit rates? When everything seemed to work better than it does now.  
    2. Does it feel like there is a lid on business you cannot seem to open or break through?
    3. Does current business flow seem overwhelming, leaving you wondering what to do to get back to growth.

Congratulations, you have hit the proverbial ceiling. Yep, we know the feeling, that, what is going on, lost feeling of what do I do now. Guess what, this may not be the first time this is happened, but it could be your last. Ceilings are all about broken processes, broken people, broken technology, broken leadership and well, exhaustion. Oh, there is a lot more that goes into “The Ceiling” but what you want to do is get through it before your competition does. 

Pacific North West Managed IT Services specializes in Connecting Business to IT, but, before this can happen, business needs to reconnect to business and then get IT aligned. This is what breakthrough is all about and we can help. We have probably done the very things you are doing and can guide you through the trouble spots.  If we can’t get through, you don’t pay. Wow, what have you got lose, except your growth, sanity and beating your competition?  


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  1. Nothings working 
    1. Feeling that sputter effect? You know, you have tried various ways and quick fixes to get things turned around, but nothing has worked very long. 
    2. Do your employees have that rolled eye look when you mention yet another program or initiative that “This time” will get things working again?
    3. Are you spinning your wheels and everything else?
    4. Do you think if you could just get some momentum things would turn around?

There is so much complexity to business, WRONG, business is simple, meet the needs of your customers using the passion you set out to form your business, then simplify and simplify. There you go and we won’t even charge you for that formula. Getting momentum is much more about accountability and measurement than it is about some article, info commercial or latest self-improvement book.  Our business consulting comes from years of experience, lots of research, proven methodologies, and enough mistakes to fill a stadium. Let us help you avoid those mistakes by building rock solid business basics as a foundation that will stay firm in the worst times business can have. Your business should work, it should work the way you do, if of course you are working the right way. We can do this, together. If we can’t, you don’t pay for the time. What have you got to lose, perhaps employees, business reputation and that dizzy feeling is all. 


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Connecting Business with IT

Picture this, a conference room full of executives and directors reviewing the company vision for the next 3 to 5 years. New product lines, markets, industries, and geographies are in the mix. A great vision is born. Now the ultimate question, how do we get there?  After a lot of indiscriminate chatter across the table by the various departments, the CIO (Chief Information Officer /Technical Exec) pipes in, I think we can help. As the CIO speaks the vision begins to become more real, logistics, design, marketing, sales, distribution, quality control, manufacturing, work flow automation, replication, accounting, benchmarks, score carding, all becomes a fluent mesh of business vision with IT process and automation. Even more significant, the vision and the execution work the way the culture works and that makes a huge difference in the morale and accomplishment of goal. 

This is not a pipe dream, this is way it should be, this is what Pacific North West Managed IT Services means when we say. “Connecting Business with IT.  When you are ready to Connect, were ready to help. 


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Our team of Business Performance experts and IT engineers and specialist can help your Business to drive your technology instead of technology driving you. Our experience shows that many companies have given up operating to their vision,culture and goals at the mercy of their technology requirements. STOP being driven and start driving your business again. We provide complete Business Performance guidance with end-to-end technology solutions that actually match who you are,what you’re doing and where you’re headed. Hmmmm,imagine that!

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Pacific NorthWest Managed IT Services is deeply invested in Business Performance. We are NOT just an IT managed services company, we are Business and IT solutions. Connecting Business to IT means helping your Business Perform by overcoming ...

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